Kent Farrington and Willow, no discussion

The young American Kent Farrington and his grey Willow reigned without discussion on Friday over the Crédit Suisse Grand Prix.

Kent Farrington and Willow, no discussion

Quick and extremely efficient, the pair takes the lead over his seventeen opponents in a crazy jump off. He definitely qualified for the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping held on Sunday. Ben Maher's dexterity associated to his very fast Cella were not supposed to be challenged, but Willow's very long stride brings the time of the British down by one second. The Irish Dermott Lennon and Loughview Lou Lou finish 3rd.

After this second big class of the week end that qualifies the best for the Rolex Grand Prix held on Sunday, the following riders are qualified: the latest Olympic champion, Steve Guerdat who will ride his best asset Nino des Buissonnets and the Dutch Gerco Schröder with his splendid stallion London. The Belgian Philippe Lejeune, world champion title holder and Eric Lamaze will be there as well. Directly issued from the last European championships, the world n°1 Scott Brash, very successful at the moment, the very nice and Frenchie Roger Yves Bost with Myrtille Paulois and Ben Maher. The Australian Edwina Tops Alexander has the choice between the small phenomenal Itot du Chateau, maybe the richest horse in the world, and her giant Ego Van Ortis. Not easy to choose between these two very different horses. The Swiss champion Beat Mandli will be there too. He was one of the fastest in the jump off of the Crédit Suisse Grand Prix. The riders will have to do with Hans Dieter Dreher's energy, Luciana Diniz's regularity, Angelica Augutsson's impetuous Mic Mac du Tillard, Tiffany Foster (Can) more and more confident with Verdi III and the Spanish Sergio Alvarez Moya, having a hard time getting back the biggest podiums lately. The Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping is open, but only the elite has a chance.

Eric Fournier

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Kent Farrington and Willow, no discussion


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Aachen, journey through the centre of the Soers


The heart of the equestrian sport beats in Aachen. During the ten days of the event, over 350,000 visitors travel to the famous showgrounds at the Soers in Aachen every year. They cheer on the world’s top equestrian athletes whilst they compete in five disciplines. More than 600 journalists cover the competitions across the world.

Their coverage is not just limited to the competitions, because for some time already Aachen has been much more than merely the location of an equestrian sport event. It is a major happening, a folk festival and a big party. Guests from the show business, media, industry and political sectors come to the traditional Soers showground, alongside families and equestrian sport fans from all over the globe. The TV coverage offers detailed information to those, who aren’t able to visit the show live. ARD, ZDF and WDR broadcast over 30 hours of coverage every year. Worldwide, 340 hours of CHIO coverage are transmitted to 198 countries. Founded in 1898, the CHIO Aachen has long since joined the ranks of the top international events.

Spruce Meadows

Spruce Meadows, wholly owned by the Southern Family, is the most versatile event location in the world. It was the founding family’s dream to create “a unique atmosphere of friendship, trade and top sport“. This dream came true thanks to the aid of a dedicated group of entrepreneurs, volunteers, journalists, athletes, employees, fans and officials. Everything the jumping sport has to offer – ranging from youth, amateur through to professional sport – is at home in Spruce Meadows. Since 1976 CSIO 5*, CSI-W 5*, CSI 5* and CSIO-W 5* jumping events are organised at the grounds annually between June and September. Seven arenas and two indoor arenas spread out over grounds measuring 553 acres offer ideal conditions for 1,000 horses to stable.

When the Spruce Meadows 'Masters' CSIO 5* begin each September, the entire globe focuses its attention on the world’s top jumpers. The sport’s best compete from Wednesday to Sunday in the attempt to win some of show jumping’s most coveted events and international recognition. Spruce Meadows is a magical place, which unites the heart of the jumping sport and the fantasy of a city and which attracting 500,000 spectators every year to it FEI Tournaments.


Since 1926, the CHI Geneva is one of the world’s famous show-jumping events. Not only thanks to its long tradition but also thanks to its constant strive for exceeding expectations, important success factors to the 5* show.

Every year an average of 37,500 spectators visit the largest indoor jumping arena in the world (4,800 square metres) to experience live top sport. The two World Cup Finals (1996 & 2010), the nine ROLEX IJRC Top 10 Finals staged since 2001 and being awarded the “Best Show Award” title again in 2011 by L´Année Hippique for the 5th time are some of the recent years highlights’.

But what really differentiates Geneva from other indoor shows? It is the indoor show with the longest tradition. The special balance between attention to detail and persistence of excellence, supported by a committee of sport passionate horse lovers and the 700 fully-motivated and enthusiastic volunteers, the soul and heart of our competition, make the adventure come true year after year.